higher brothers

Friends – Higher Brothers lyrics

Lyrics Friends – Higher Brothers Friends and foes lyrics Who  you gonna call? Took his last breath Thrilla in Manila I’m a killer and a chef Clash  him with a passion Top  notch assassin Stand him up set him down (Set him down) Run  away I run him down I spin around and kick him […]

One punch man – Higher Brothers ft. Denzel Curry lyrics

Lyrics One punch man – Higher Brothers One punch man lyrics What you talkin’ about Wack shit fake shit sorry I don’t get it Sit you’re ass down just look how we make it I know I’m best rapper since I was 20 I don’t wanna hear it cuz you’re dirty I be like birdman […]

Flo Rida – Higher Brothers ft. Ski Mask lyrics

Lyrics Higher Brothers – Flo Rida Whole lotta gang shit, yuh Ay, pew pew, a-gling-gling-gling Dangerous huuuh, more dangerous We off the xan. (Higher Brothers – Flo Rida) I’m drinkin’ Evian when I wake up Broke-*ss bitches, I can’t feel ya You can blow my whistle like I’m Flo Rida Pretty momma on my d*ck […]

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