hi rez

Playground – Hi-Rez lyrics

Lyrics Playground – Hi-Rez Playground lyrics I don’t give a damn bout celebrities all of them dead to me Hollywood devilish, I feel the energy People were testing me fuck what you said to me Word to my memery, keep that intensity You lack integrity, this is my destiny I am so heavenly, dont want […]

No more – Hi-Rez lyrics

Lyrics No more – Hi-Rez No more lyrics All this anxiety I been getting like no sleep Expectations from those who don’t even know me I been questioning if the struggle is worth it And becoming a totally different person Doing things I promised myself I’d of never done Stare the devil in the face and I’d would never […]

The story of Kendra – Hi-Rez lyrics

Lyrics The story of Kendra – Hi-Rez The story of Kendra lyrics [Intro: Hi-Rez] Is this man stupid? This man compared fuckin’ disses to concentration camps Just when I thought he couldn’t get any dumber I have family members that have serial numbers tattooed on their forearms My grandpa got a purple heart for rescuing […]

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