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Serial killers – Gucci Mane lyrics

Lyrics Serial killers – Gucci Mane Serial killers lyrics I look in the mirror and look at a killer I grew up with niggas crop you out the picture Bodies keep stackin’ up year after year Got these young niggas thinkin’ they serial killers Totin’ choppers with switches, They scratch off the serial (Grrah) Left […]

Posse on bouldercrest – Gucci Mane lyrics

Lyrics Posse on bouldercrest – Gucci Mane Posse on bouldercrest lyrics Me and my gang at home away from home In a all-red Phantom, in the backseat on the phone It’s callin’ up the posse, it’s time to get rippin’ And if they get to trippin’, then we shootin’ like the Pistons Everybody lookin’, if […]

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