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Posse on bouldercrest – Gucci Mane lyrics

Lyrics Posse on bouldercrest – Gucci Mane Posse on bouldercrest lyrics Me and my gang at home away from home In a all-red Phantom, in the backseat on the phone It’s callin’ up the posse, it’s time to get rippin’ And if they get to trippin’, then we shootin’ like the Pistons Everybody lookin’, if […]

Shit crazy – Gucci Mane lyrics

Lyrics Shit crazy – Gucci Mane Shit crazy lyrics Man, this shit crazy I’m in Miami with Gucci, Rolls Royce look like flavors This murder shit ain’t nothin’ to me, whackin’ shit on the daily Lil’ bitch say she ain’t heard of me, told the lil’ bitch she gave me Still trappin’ up out my […]

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