Contagious – Grant & Runn lyrics

Lyrics Contagious – Grant Contagious lyrics You ask me what is going on inside my head I say nothing at all just need some rest Cause conversations never help so I’ll keep them to myself Cause what is going on is better left unsaid Cause my heart hurts you no I didn’t mean to But […]

The edge – Grant feat. Nevve lyrics

Lyrics The edge – Grant The edge lyrics I feel on the edgeee, the edgeee of my life Driving a perfect wedge straight into my mind Come out from under All these indecisions Oh, make room for somebody else Circlin’ the edge Way up high Don’t know if I’ll ever have a useful alibi Gone too […]

Weapon – Grant lyrics

Lyrics Grant – Weapon Go on, myself I’m cold, still stainless My glass half full All we said, don’t stop for no fools Serpents, daydreams I’ll bite, you’ll call me lovely Got a sweet-tooth Gonna get the sugar from you.(weapon) When they say I’m a machine gun I’ll take it as a compliment Honey […]

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