Goodbye Mr President – Gramofone lyrics

Lyrics Gramofone – Goodbye Mr President This is a wake up call for the idlers. MEDIOCRITY’s now called MODERATION. Escape the cult of the average! This is not an anthem. This is the real voice of the nation. (Gramofone – Goodbye Mr President) Goodbye, Mr. President! Hope we had a good run. It’s time to […]

No distractions – Gramofone lyrics

Lyrics Gramofone – No distractions I’m smart and i’m in control. I just want a little satisfaction. (Gramofone – No distractions) I’ll quit but not right now . I deserve it! A little distraction won’t hurt much. Fill me up with nothing and give me more! Where are my distractions? Mmmm.. distractions Where are my […]

It s in the rain – Gramofone lyrics

Lyrics Gramofone – It s in the rain Fall! Heal my broken halo. Without the rain There is no rainbow. (Gramofone – It s in the rain) Waves of silver liquid drops that pour The truth isn’t silent anymore. I’ve been sleeping. I’m alive again. I found the future. It’s in the rain. I’ve been […]

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