gorgon city

There for you – Gorgon City lyrics

Lyrics There for you – Gorgon City There for you lyrics Waited so long, thought you’d never come You proved me wrong ’cause I don’t know where it felt so right If I could go, go back in time What I would do, is love you sooner I wish I was theeere for you Wish […]

Go slow – Gorgon City & Kaskade lyrics

Lyrics Go slow – Gorgon City Go slow lyrics Let’s fall slowly love Let’s not fall apart‘ Cos I’ve done this before And I know, I know And I don’t wanna live life blind to the bruises I just wanna make sure that you’re prepared And I don’t wanna fuss or fight ‘cos it’s useless […]

Delicious – Gorgon City lyrics

Lyrics Delicious – Gorgon City Just delicious lyrics Just deliciouuus Just deliciouuus Just deliciouuus That first taste Must have been about a half hour delay Before my conscious mind Recovered wings, took to the sky I was a million miles away Just deliciouuus It was just so damn deliciouuus Just deliciouuus You know that feeling, […]

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