good for you

Good for you – Two Friends lyrics

Lyrics Good for you – Two Friends Good for you lyrics She say’s she so happy ay She swears she moved on But she still late night text me Complaining ’bout the new guys that she loves She tells me she’s better off now Maybe one I would’ve cared Cus it was hard right at the start When you […]

Good for you – Arman Cekin feat. Glaceo lyrics

Lyrics Good for you – Arman Cekin Good for you lyrics Oh baby I feel so high when you are next to me You’re looking like my next mistake I think Sometimes you really need to go for it, go for it Then you’ll realise Oh baby I’m so sorry for the things I’ve done And […]

Good for you – Selena Gomez (lyrics)

Lyrics Selena Gomez – Good for you I’m in my 14 carats, I’m 14 carat Doing it up like Midas, mmm Now you say I got a touch, so good, so good Make you never wanna leave, so don’t, so don’t Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight Do my hair up real, real nice […]

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