Get ratchet lyrics

Get ratchet – CEO lyrics

Lyrics Get ratchet – CEO feat. ZaeHD Get ratchet lyrics Let’s have a party, get ratchet, uh-huh I get the money and stack it, uh-huh I make it flip, like gymnastics, uh-huh Her pussy pink, like it’s Patrick, uh-huh I put the dope in the package, uh-huh Louis boots, Rick Owen jacket, uh-huh Bitches be […]

Get ratchet – Kamaiyah lyrics

Lyrics Get ratchet – Kamaiyah Get ratchet lyrics Throwin’ that shit like you catchin’ fits Goin’ crazy in this bitch like a exorcist Turning up taking sips ’til ya exitin’ Big diamonds on my wrist and my necklace And if you’re still standin’ then get to dancin’ Start shakin’ asses emptyin’ glasses Show who’s the […]

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