g herbo

Break yoself – G Herbo lyrics

Lyrics Break yoself – G Herbo Break yoself lyrics I’ma run it up, man, huh I’ma run it up, man, huh Turn me up Fuck nigga I’m tweakin’, just gotta make it Break yourself fool (Break yourself) Bought a watch and chain, tryna make yourself cool (What the fuck?) Pussy can’t protect it, you just […]

Revolutionary – G Herbo lyrics

Lyrics Revolutionary – G Herbo Revolutionary lyrics All situations, good or bad got a meaning Don’t know what it mean to you Live and learn, man Love more than most Nigga stressed out I’m in between celebratin’ and feelin’ left out But I’m still countin’ my blessings Traumatized so we ridin’ with Wessons Locked and […]

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