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Besito – Bia lyrics

Lyrics Besito – Bia feat. G Herbo Besito lyrics Estoy frío, I’m way colder Ooh, I’m comin’, mentirosa El palomo, no me joda’ (No me jodas) Customed Urus, it came ordered He know I’m that bitch in here ahora He call me abusadora Papi, tú lo sabe’ que lo vengo al cheque (Que lo vengo […]

Cold world – G Herbo lyrics

Lyrics Cold world – G Herbo Cold world lyrics Greed and disloyalty Know we beefin’ with the opps on top of all these lawyer fees When we lurkin’ on they block the chopper speakin’ Portuguese Strapped with 30 shot Glocks, we got like 20 more of these Now I’m millionaire status, watched some homies leave […]

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