Fireworks – Purple Disco Machine lyrics

Lyrics Fireworks – Purple Disco Machine Fireworks lyrics I got what you need Baby, just come see me I got the remedy, take the pain away Easy as one, two, three You know I got what you need I got the recipe, take the pain away If you’re ever feelin’ low You could come and […]

Fireworks – XYLO lyrics

Lyrics Fireworks – XYLO Fireworks lyrics I’m this now, A little bit different, But I guess that’s what life will do In the same town, But it’s not so innocent, We’re growing up but it feels too soon, It feels too soon The pressure, My head hurts, You’d think it get better, not worse, I […]

Fireworks – Hoodrich Pablo Juan lyrics

Lyrics Fireworks – Hoodrich Pablo Juan Fireworks lyrics Fuck it, I throw back two Percs (Fuck it) Servin’ off-white like the t-shirt, yeah (Off-white) Bitches used to treat me like Joe Dirt, yeah (Bitch) Two door my coupe, used to show ‘Vert (Skrt) Trap a hundred pounds, ain’t no work, ooh (Hundred pounds) Fire the chopper […]

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