faded lyrics

Faded – scarlxrd lyrics

Lyrics scarlxrd – Faded – scarlxrd Fuck it, imma get faded Fuck it , imma get faded Fuck it, imma get faded Ah, shit. Backseat windows staying up you don’t know who’s in it Thats right my whole heart is still black my insides been tinted Ask me all those fucking questions make my answers twisted […]

Faded – FRND feat. Said the Sky lyrics

Lyrics Frnd – Faded Save me now, I’m falling to pieces Black me out to silence the demons Get me faaaded, faaaded ’till I forget about you Faded, faaaded it’s all I know how to do To get over you. Little by little, I’ve been trying to forget I can’t face it like I should […]

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