Zeus – Eminem lyrics

Lyrics Zeus – Eminem Zeus lyrics She says I am trash but she listens to Tekashi (Damn) Bitch you lost me Fair weather wishy-washy She thinks Machine washed me (What?) Swear to God man her favorite rapper wish he’d cross me I love conflict got a obnoxious (What?) subconscious I’m afraid to unlock it Keep […]

Killer – Eminem lyrics

Lyrics Killer – Eminem Killer lyrics Now count it five ten yeah fifteen twenty Twenty-five thirty yeah get the money Throw it in the furnace yeah this shit be funny Earn it just to burn it swag drippin’ from me That’s what I do with money got money up the ass Call it toilet paper […]

Gnat – Eminem lyrics

Lyrics Gnat – Eminem Gnat lyrics They say these bars are like COVID (Bars are like COVID) You get ’em right off the bat (You get ’em right off the bat) Infected with SARS and Corona (Infected with SARS and Corona) Like you took a bite off of that (Damn) And it goes from martian […]

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