elley duhe

MIddle of the night – Elley Duhe lyrics

Lyrics MIddle of the night – Elley Duhe Middle of the night lyrics I saw him in June please come to me Don’t bury thoughts that you really want I fill you up drink from my cup Within me lies what you really want [Pre-Chorus] Come lay me down ‘Cause you know this ‘Cause you […]

Fever – Elley Duhe lyrics

Lyrics Fever – Elley Duhe Fever lyrics Call me on the dark side Comin’ through the moonlight Runnin’ in the midnight, ay Dancing through the flames I wanna stay high, wanna stay high, do it my way I just tell wanna tell lies to your green eyes, your green eyes We’ll be okay versuri-lyrics.info Rage […]

Immortal – Elley Duhe lyrics

Lyrics Elley Duhe – Immortal We be sailin’ in tha chopper road killin’ like we vultures I became the queen when I rode with them brothers Lamb turned to lion I eat nightmares for supper One command and I’ll sick em’ on another.(immortal) Ain’t no love in the jungle Profit over everythang Money might just […]

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