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Sophie – Steam Phunk lyrics

Lyrics Sophie – Steam Phunk Sophie lyrics Sophie and I were trying to find Somewhere to go Somewhere to hold on to Sophie and I Thought that we could find It on the run Nowhere to come home to It’s funny how sometimes your best friends become strangers It’s funny how your life keeps changing […]

Daydream – Slow Magic lyrics

Lyrics Daydream – Slow Magic Slow magic lyrics I wish you were in my bed Can’t get your face out of my head I think we could be something beautiful But honestly, we need a miracle I wish I knew how all this started Cause now we’re both just broken hearted I’m not what you […]

Beautiful – Emilia Ali lyrics

Lyrics Beautiful – Emilia Ali Beautiful lyrics Beautiful, She looks just the way that I thought she would And it seems like you did just as I said you should Forget me, find somebody who does you good She’s Cinderella, I’m like the carriage She brought the presence, I came with baggage I heard she’s […]

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