dylan dunlap

Runnin – Dylan Dunlap lyrics

Lyrics Runnin – Dylan Dunlap Runnin lyrics Just met you on a roof downtown Took shots until they kicked us out Just blinked and the sun went down I wish I could stick around Did twenty minutes really just go by? Part of me wants to miss my flight Maybe it’s already over now So I’ll keep runnin runnin […]

Liarlover – Dylan Dunlap lyrics

Lyrics Liarlover – Dylan Dunlap Liarlove lyrics We can’t pretend That we can be friends So I’ll bite my tongue While you think that I’m playing dumb In a couple years, we’ll be somewhere else ‘Cause the future’s got a funny way of proving Evil and good are both misunderstood They promise everything Or they trust […]

Back to start – Stonebank feat. Dylan Dunlap lyrics

Lyrics Stonebank – Back to start Back to start. I don’t know where to go. I’m told I’ll reap, all of what I sow. These mistakes have no one else to blame. Said I could feel it when you left me here.(left me here) Our emotions are one and the same. So come on over, […]

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