doe boy

10 piece – Doe Boy feat. Future & Young Thug lyrics

Lyrics 10 piece – Doe Boy I’ll be walking in Givenchi, broke n*gga miss me Got your body tryna kiss me She seen that Bentley While your n*ggas serving chicken get a 10 piece You ain’t talking ’bout no figures n*gga miss me. Future lyrics Video piece Keep in touch lyrics 3am lyrics

Don t you lie – Doe Boy feat. Lil Durk lyrics

Lyrics Lil DURK – Don t you lie – Doe Boy Pull up, thirty-four, thirty, know a young nigga scorin’ Introduce her to the real ’cause her last man was borin’ Do the dash in the coupe, blowin’ gas out the roof Inhale all smoke, exhale out the truth From the man to the heart’s […]

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