dj envy

Sittin in my car – Dj Envy lyrics

Lyrics Sittin in my car – Dj Envy Sittin in my car lyrics When you tell me pull up I’m there You know I’m real that’s real So don’t have me waiting too long Now we sittin’ in my car ‘Bout to take my shot like I’m sittin’ at the bar Shawty wanna smoke so […]

Text ur number – Dj Envy feat. Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics Dj Envy – Text ur number Wouldn’t ever think that I would feel this rich, ayy In the trap, I keep on buildin’ with them bricks, ayy Zoo Gang supply my shooters with extra clips, ayy And if them niggas acting out, everybody get hit, ayy She ride like a Ducati, her body like […]

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