Disappointed – Bebe Rexha lyrics

Lyrics Disappointed – Bebe Rexha Disappointed – Bebe Rexha lyrics Only taking dubs – Kristen lyrics Lyrics Only taking dubs – Kristen Only taking dubs lyrics 20-20 vision It’s never been so clear All they NUmber 1 – Yung Pinch lyrics Lyrics NUmber 1 – Yung Pinch Number 1 lyrics Tell me what you’re running […]

Disappointed – Stormzy lyrics

Lyrics Disappointed – Stormzy Disappointed lyrics I came to your show and moved to your brother in front of your dad (Real talk) Your old man just stood there pissed (Real talk) I said pops why you look so sad? (So sad) Shoulda known better You know I had to show your little brother I’m […]

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