dion timmer

Going nowhere – Modestep feat. Dion Timmer lyrics

Lyrics Modestep –¬†Going nowhere – Modestep I stood my ground I’ve been working way too long just to tear it down Hold my head up proud As you stare into my eyes, I scream it loud. (Modestep – Going nowhere) Because we ain’t going nowhere Going nowheeere Going nowheeere. We ain’t going nowheeere Going nowheeere […]

Till I make it – Dion Timmer feat. Tima Dee lyrics

Lyrics Dion Timmer – Till I make it Movin’ down to L.A. Didn’t let the .. My grandma thinks I’m crazy For givin’ Hollywood a piece of me I’m holdin’ my head high Act like the world’s mine I didn’t come for nothing And all I know is I can’t let them see.(till i make […]

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