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Instagram – Dimitri Vegas feat. Like Mike lyrics

Lyrics Instagram – Dimitri Vegas Instagram lyrics Just bought a black Ferrari House in the hills in L.A Say that you’re taking ’em in Sorry but I don’t need a plan like that Don’t need a man like that Versuri-lyrics.info What’d you say? You say that you’ve been on TV? And I should come back […]

Bounce – Dimitri Vegas ft. Snoop Dogg lyrics

Lyrics Bounce – Dimitri Vegas Bounce lyrics Drinking my cup, gas in my blood (what?) These girls keep on meet me but I think they wanna fuck Pocket for the money, R b&b .. Never been this close to a .. again .. turn it up and let it bang Baby lookin’ at me like she […]

When I grow up – Dimitri Vegas feat. Wiz Khalifa lyrics

Lyrics When I grow up – Dimitri Vegas When I grow up, I wanna be like Wiz Khalifa Have lot’s of cool stuff, when I grow up Hear my music through the speakers I wanna feel love when I grow up I wanna have enough to pay the bills And buy my mom a house up […]

All I need – Dimitri Vegas feat. Gucci Mane lyrics

Lyrics Like Mike – All I need – Dimitri Vegas Laying on the front line, vibing to the bass drums Sipping on a 40 And someone’s on the rooftop, lighting up like Snoop Dogg And it’s only Tuesday I just wanna have a good time in the city shine lights, baby, baby I don’t need, […]

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