Different lyrics

Different – Maggie Lindemann lyrics

Lyrics Different – Maggie Lindemann Different lyrics 2AM, windows down, driving on the 405 Only got two hours left till I catch my flight If I disappear would they call my name at my gate? Why do my reckless decisions happen this late? 4AM, windows down, I’m not coming home tonight Thinking don’t be scared […]

Different – AZ lyrics

Lyrics Different – AZ Different lyrics This is a celebration of life No matter what level Able to rationalise is a blessing Big boys relate Bottles in the air Closed caskets memorial viewings I’m mostly behind mics got the audio cueing Despite sending off kites try to ignore the confusion My sights is set on […]

Different – Ballout lyrics

Lyrics Different – Ballout I pull up in a supercharger His girlfriend got super top My wrist is an Audemar I shop in Paris not in a mall Ridin’ around with plenty clips You know we got plenty strips In the strip club getting plenty tips Pour a pint, pop a pill, pour out a fifth […]

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