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Home – Darren Styles feat. Dougal lyrics

Lyrics Home – Darren Styles Home lyrics Stars and moon, can you hear me calling? Just shouting out loud, spinning out in the great unknown You got me way up high and there ain’t no falling Zero gravity with you here and I won’t let go I’ve been running a mile just to find my feet […]

Sky is falling – Darren Styles feat. Emel lyrics

Lyrics Darren Styles – Sky is falling Fallen trees It’s hard to breathe But I will keep fighting Broken walls Nowhere to fall But I will keep climbing. (Darren Styles – Sky is falling) I can’t see, I’m in the dark Surrounded by sharks Becloud over me I can’t see, I’m in the dark Versuri-lyrics.info […]

Us against the world – Darren Styles lyric

Lyrics Darren Styles – Us against the world Yeah, I’m lost and numb Cold to the touch I pretend like I don’t remember your name Every masterpiece Turns to black for me When I close my eyes, yeah, I still see your face.(us against the world) We were the thunder and the lightning Burnt forests […]

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