dark side lyrics

Dark side – Abstract lyrics

Lyrics Dark side – Abstract Dark side lyrics Thoughts invade your mind Paint the worst of endings Logic left behind No longer pretending on the dark side of your imagination Dark side of your imagination [Verse 1] Paint it as dark and blurry as it could get Every negative memory has startled your chest Hard […]

Dark side – Mia Vaile lyrics

Lyrics Mia Vaile – Dark side I woke up all choked up, ’cause I knew, you were never coming home I hope that you’re doing alright.(dark side) That I, don’t cross you mind anymore I hope that she can make you feel better I bet you she can make you feel better. No it’s like […]

Dark Side – Phoebe Ryan lyrics

Lyrics Phoebe Ryan – Dark Side At your worst, you’re the best Baby I don’t want another version, no Hard to love, hard to trust But don’t change Don’t be a better person for me. ‘Cuz I’m in love with your dark side I’m in love with your dark side I’m in love with your […]

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