Superstar – DaniLeigh lyrics

Lyrics Superstar – DaniLeigh Superstar lyrics How we both superstar? Ain’t no other man no other woman That’s out really doin’ it what we doin’ I know that they wish they could but couldn’t Damn we both superstar (Superstar) We be like JAY-Z and Beyonc√© I’ll be your Kim K you’re my Kanye I hope […]

Monique – DaniLeigh lyrics

Lyrics Monique – DaniLeigh Monique lyrics Ice out the Rollie roll down the streets Flooded ’cause life is a beach You cannot hear me ’cause I’m out of reach All type of designer expectin’ my grief That’s how I started my week (Ooh) big money speech Nothin’ I’m talkin’ is cheap I just might spin […]

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