danger lyrics

Danger – Offset lyrics

Lyrics Danger – Offset Danger lyrics 100 000 dollar where your ho (Hundred) (Racks) Twenty-five thousand when I Margiela the coat White diamonds callin’ me the pope (White hey) Shawty gettin’ geeked X make her touch her toes (Geeked) Who the fuck jumpin’ out a Lamb or a Rolls (Who ) Who the fuck got […]

Danger – Migos feat. Marshmello lyrics

Lyrics Migos – Danger Tryna get demons up outta me Turn to a beast, eat your arteries Deceasing opponents so properly Unleashing the dark side what got to me We come to take this shit over Foot on the gas, hear the motor Switchin’ my thoughts, I’m bipolar I stare in the eyes of a […]

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