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Dirt we were raised on – Jason Aldean lyrics

Lyrics Dirt we were raised on – Jason Aldean Dirt we were raised on lyrics We drank on it Cranked some Hank on it Got a little crazy raised a little hell on it Yeah learned to pray learned to cuss Throw a party throw a punch Ain t no hiding where we re from It s on our […]

Rearview town – Jason Aldean lyrics

Lyrics Rearview town – Jason Aldean Wipe the footprints off my dash Tore up those sun-faded photographs Threw ’em in the wind, ya’ll can have it back I’m outta here I stuck my middle finger up in the sky Flipped off that “ya’ll come back” sign Looked in the mirror one last time And watched […]

Feel me gone – Meghan Patrick lyrics

Lyrics Meghan Patrick – Feel me gone I’m rockin’ this black dress, leaving red lipstick On the rim of this rocks glass, it’s going to my head I’m talking to somebody who’s checking out my body Buying me rounds and not looking down at my phone. (Meghan Patrick – Feel me gone) ‘Cause you need […]

They don t know – Jason Aldean lyrics

Lyrics Jason Aldean – They don t know They call us a two lane just passing by slow down town Yeah they say what’s there to do when you ain’t got nothin’ around Just a few street lights, speed limit signs that all say 25 But those folks ain’t lived in our lives.(they don t […]

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