close to you lyrics

Close to you – R3hab lyrics ft. Andy Grammer

Lyrics Close to you – R3hab Close to you lyrics I’ve stop looking for reasons I gave up long ago Got no saying no matter It’s like somebody chose That I will always be close to you Can’t .. for the nature It’s beyond my control Some things don’t need explaining Some things are already […]

Close to you – Brando lyrics

Lyrics Close to you – Brando Close to you lyrics It’s four in the mornin’ This place kinda borin’ Plenty of girls wantin’ the world But I’ma latch onto you ‘Cause you’re kinda zonin’ And I feel the same way Seen all these girls But I ain’t seen you Mysterious girl I wanna get close […]

Close to you – Lucian feat. Jasmine Sokko lyrics

Lyrics Lucian – Close to you I like to think that we’re planets in space Rotating in circles repeating the phase All of my friends are against our vision All my friends are against our vision But they are just aliens confined in their caves.(close to you) For there are some moments for us to […]

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