chris brown

Iffy – Chris Brown lyrics

Lyrics Iffy – Chris Brown Iffy lyrics Pinky ring worth ’bout two-fifty Two-tone my Lambo’, that’s drippy Bottle after bottle, now she tipsy Can’t trust these hoes ’cause they iffy I know that your best friend gon’ slide now Party at my house, that’s a vibe now Ballin’ on these hoes like LeBron now She […]

Rolls Royce Umbrella – Chris Brown lyrics

Lyrics Rolls Royce Umbrella – Chris Brown feat. Clever Rolls Royce Umbrella lyrics Champagne showers can’t make flowers bloom But the champagne keeps raining In my Rolls Royce umbrella Shooting stars in the roof of the Wraith Praying to the sky, I’m paying for my mistake They saw me in the hearse like I was […]

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