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Harley Quinn – Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Harley Quinn – Chief Keef Harley Quinn lyrics Caught a fox, cut his tail off (Bang) Seen a rat, stomped his head off (Come here) Blue Summer, turn into a red Fall Make a nigga run fast, call ’em Sonic Hedgehog We let off some shots, they gon’ all be dead (Bang) I told my daughter stop breakin’ […]

Love don’t live here – Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Love don’t live here – Chief Keef Love don’t live here lyrics Y’all know what it is nigga GBE, baby Know how the fuck we rockin’ Somebody call the ambulance Finna have an ice attack All these motherfuckin’ diamonds on me Brrp, bling, yeah I know y’all be sitting back like: So ain’t on […]

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