Cheers – Russ lyrics

Lyrics Cheers – Russ Cheers lyrics Girl been bad, money been good Mamma been set, blow this cash Like I should, hop on a jet I love when it comes together I felt bad now I feel better [Verse 1] My promised land is family passing marijuana plants Pussy flow like water and the water […]

Cheers – blackbear lyrics

Lyrics Cheers – blackbear Cheers lyrics Cheers here’s to nothing Hope the tears were for something Can we drink drink to nothing? Can we toast to the pain? Let’s toast to the pain Walkin’ through West LA Vivienne Westwood chain Swinging like my mood Sit around and watch cartoons In the crib sipping tea Bad […]

Cheers – Sleeping with Sirens lyrics

Lyrics Sleeping with Sirens – Cheers We’re gutter punks and vagabonds Street sweepers and tag alongs Getting high on 5th avenue Cuz we ain’t got nothing to lose The college kids and CEOs Flunk outs and the got no hopes To all the ones at the end of they rope Listen honey I’m a lot […]

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