Check – SosMula lyrics

Lyrics Check – SosMula Check lyrics Check out my check Yeah check it out uh (Check it out) Check out my flex uh (Flex flex) Nigga I’m flexin’ outtt Bust checks – SosMula lyrics Lyrics Bust checks – SosMula Bust checks lyrics Know it is a .. pack I’mma sell drugs wherever the party Paycheck […]

Check – Clay Perry lyrics

Lyrics Check – Clay Perry Check lyrics I don’t know what they told you But you dont wanna fuck with me I came for the throne I’m here to kill the king I dont want the crown But I’m here to claim what’s mine I’ve bee. Pretty patient But I’m thinking nows the time What were you thinking Why […]

Check – Hanybal songtexte

Songtexte Check – Hanybal Check songtexte Geldjäger, Weedpusher, ja, ich biete viel Kush an (psht) Hundert Gramm, sieben Euro pro Gramm THC brutal, 24 Stunden Vollkontakt (yeah) Dies’ Pack ist voll und er rollt auf Rad, verfolgt vom Staat Scheiß drauf! Gold um Hals wegen Knoll’n, die knall’n (Haze) Wenn die erstmal riechen woll’n wie […]

Check – Dj Esco feat. Future lyrics

Lyrics Future – Check – Dj Esco I get to these racks consistently Who gon’ stop me now? They keep talkin’, talkin’ ’bout drugs ‘Bout to pop one now I just cashed out on two-door Maybach Who talkin’ now? I just fucked up me a check Bitch, I’m ballin’ out. I put a pool on […]

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