champagne lyrics

Champagne – Eric Bellinger lyrics

Lyrics Champagne – Eric Bellinger Champagne lyrics Champaaagne champaaagne (Champaaagne) Champaaagne champaaagne (Champaaagne) Champaaagne champaaagne (Champaaagne) Big game big game (Sippa) Six rings six rings (Six rings) Ball like MJ (Like swisha) Champaaagne champaaagne (On the go) It s a big game big game Fit like a champion young rich and handsome Big bottles splashin wrist like a magnet […]

Champagne – Nervo feat. Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Nervo – Champagne Take me to the time where there was only champagne Take me to the place where we both had it all. Rest your head, let’s pretend And I promise I won’t try and fight it This is it, where it ends I know it’s comin’, I won’t deny it You don’t […]

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