Get ratchet – CEO lyrics

Lyrics Get ratchet – CEO feat. ZaeHD Get ratchet lyrics Let’s have a party, get ratchet, uh-huh I get the money and stack it, uh-huh I make it flip, like gymnastics, uh-huh Her pussy pink, like it’s Patrick, uh-huh I put the dope in the package, uh-huh Louis boots, Rick Owen jacket, uh-huh Bitches be […]

CEO – Snoop Dogg lyrics

Lyrics CEO – Snoop Dogg CEO lyrics I’m back like I never left In this muthafucka spitting rhymes ’til my last breath Snoop Dogg in the building, yes, y’all Line ’em up, barber shop, fade em all Watching the game from the halls of fame I’m balling, mayne, I boss up back in this thang […]

CEO – Soulja Boy lyrics

Lyrics CEO – Soulja Boy CEO lyrics Lil n***a got hit with that heat Ol’ pussy ass n***a don’t come on my street Young Draco spray on your block repeattt Good for you – Arman Cekin feat. Glaceo lyrics Lyrics Good for you – Arman Cekin Good for you lyrics Oh baby I feel so high […]

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