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Call you – Cash Cash ft. Nasri of Magic lyrics

Lyrics Call you – Cash Cash Call you lyrics I can’t change the way things are Even though it feels wrong in my heart Even though it kills me to breathe this air See life does what I think is fair When I’m driving through the night With no strength left inside Can I caaall you? […]

Jewel – Cash Cash feat. Nikki Vianna lyrics

Lyrics Cash Cash – Jewel – Cash Cash Rare This little thing we got So rare I’ll always be your rock. (Cash Cash – Jewel) [Pre-Chorus] We get high, lost in the sky Side by side I was so low, dark inside. But now All of me, all of me, all of me shines for you […]

Belong – Cash Cash feat. Dashboard Confessional lyrics

Lyrics Cash Cash – Belong Get in the car I’ll drive We got no place to be on time So let’s just enjoy the ride We can go wherever the road decides for We can head for the shore Or some place we’ve never been before Just climb in and close the door We’ve got […]

All my love – Cash Cash feat. Conor Maynard lyrics

Lyrics Cash Cash – All my love Friday night, my phone is off And none of my friends even know you’re gone All these broken picture frames I’m sick of your face, but can’t look away.(all my love) Can’t go out, can’t stay home I don’t know how, how to be alone I keep waiting […]

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