Jungle juice – Calboy lyrics

Lyrics Jungle juice – Calboy Jungle juice lyrics Live today, you die tomorrow, all I know is stackin’ stars These days, I been rich, my foreign look like out of body ‘Member them days, was livin’ like GTA, lil’ brodie pop a lot That’s on the gang, you better watch what you say, my brodie […]

All night long – Calboy lyrics

Lyrics All night long – Calboy All night long lyrics No need for discussion, bitch, it’s clear I’m up next (Duh) Got me feelin’ different, bitch, I turned ’em upset (Ayy) Shawty asked me, “Why they sleeping?” I ain’t woke ’em up yet (Uh-huh) Bitch, I make money while I’m sleeping, woke up to a […]

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