Energy – Burns lyrics

Lyrics Energy – Burns Energy lyrics [Intro: A$AP Rocky] How do I know it’s real? Barely keep my composure Love me with no disclosure Tell ’em all how you feel (Uh) [Verse 1: Sabrina Claudio] Notice this Electric charges flowin’ through your fingertips When your hands on my thighs [Pre-Chorus: Sabrina Claudio] Do you feel […]

Worst – Burns feat. Johnny Yukon lyrics

Lyrics Worst – Burns Worst lyrics High off your love High off a drug I drop a case That’s not enough That’s not enough I chop it up Take all my love Stay by my side Like Vodka and Ice Is that enough? Loosen you up Loosen you up Two waves, two sides You take, I […]

Hands on me – Burns feat. Rae Sremmurd lyrics

Lyrics Rae Sremmurd – Hands on me – Burns Baby, keep your hands on me Know that I should leave, but I just can’t leave you Know you feel my energy If I took your heart, swear I didn’t mean to. Yeah you got a man, but I don’t know that It’s hard to control when […]

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