burn it down

Burn it down – Jarren Benton lyrics

Lyrics Burn it down – Jarren Benton Burn it down lyrics Where the love at some days I wake up like fuck rap I turn that bitch into a bloodbath See the greedy never get enough cash Sleep with pistols underneath the pillowcase A muthafucka wanna trespasss Me not you – 3LAU lyrics Lyrics Me […]

Burn it down – Daughter lyrics

Lyrics Daughter – Burn it down Always said I was a good kid Always said I had a way with words Never knew I could be speechless Don’t know how I’ll ever break this curse.(burn it down) Now the world is only white noise Frequencies that I can’t understand I can’t be bothered with the […]

Burn it down – Faydee & Ahzee lyrics

Lyrics Ahzee ft. Faydee – Burn it down Where did you come from. I wanna know. The way that you’re moving. It’s hard to move on. I can’t help but feel. What I feel for you baby. I know we’ve just met. But I hope you ain’t taken.(burn it down) Senorita, I wanna get to […]

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