Every day is a song – Bunt lyrics

Lyrics Every day is a song – Bunt Every day is a song lyrics Wake up, days turn to weeks And the weeks to months Starting to feel like I’ve had enough It’s starting to all feel the same Wake up, fires burned out When the morning comes Embers to ashes and dust to dust […]

Save my mind – BUNT lyrics

Lyrics Save my mind – BUNT Save my mind lyrics There’s a lot of things that I don’t like in the world Push me right to the borderline I don’t care It’s so hard to be all right Till I step into your light [Pre-Chorus] It’s a quarter after midnight and I’m so gone in […]

Little secrets – Bunt. lyrics

Lyrics Bunt. –¬†Little secrets – Bunt. Everybody’s got his own way How to handle all the trouble Life will put you through Everybody’s got a secret How to stand it when you’re weakend My secret is you ‘Cause you’re the anchor holding on to me Versuri-lyrics.info Pushing like the wind You set me free ‘Cause […]

On my way – Bunt. feat. Leah Haywood lyrics

Lyrics Bunt – On my way Well I’ve been roaming way too long. I’ve been singing the same old song. Without ya, without ya..(on my way) And I’ve been chasing the sun too long. Sick and tired of waking up alone. I need ya, I need ya. I tell myself I need something new. But […]

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