Rescue me – Blasterjaxx lyrics

Lyrics Rescue me – Blasterjaxx feat. Amanda Collis Rescue me lyrics Tell me what you want Don’t leave me in the dark here Bullets keep on flying All these words you say out loud When I feel lost and incomplete Would you come and rescue me? What life can be Would you come and rescue? […]

Phantasia – Blasterjaxx lyrics

Lyrics Phantasia – Blasterjaxx Phantasia lyrics You started a fire in my head Your love’s got me high I’m seeing red Ring the alarm ring Ring the alarm ring (X2) Fleisch – Hanybal songtexte Songtexte Fleisch – Hanybal Fleisch songtexte In der Regel sind Pakete in der Gegend Wo ich lebe, unterwegs Accepting my flaws […]

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