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Monday mornin missin you – Blake Shelton lyrics

Lyrics Monday mornin missin you – Blake Shelton Monday mornin missin you lyrics This town can get to talkin’ Lately they been talkin’ ’bout me Yeah, they say I been rockin’ Maybe even causin’ a scene My girl, I’m still the life of the party The same ole good-time Charlie [Chorus] Friday night I get […]

Bible verses – Blake Shelton lyrics

Lyrics Bible verses – Blake Shelton Bible verses lyrics I never worn a halo Don’t suppose I ever will As far as saving me goes It’s a battle up a hill But I keep climbin’, tryin’, fightin’ Got a King James in the dresser And I take it out sometimes But Lord knows, I ain’t […]

Hell right – Blake Shelton lyrics

Lyrics Hell right – Blake Shelton Hell right lyrics Couple boys clock out about 5:35 Tryna put a little hammer in their head Standin in the liquor store starin  at a fifth But they picked up a handle instead Heeell right (Heeell right?) Heeell right (Okay) Couple girls with their boots on got their Bluetooth on T-shirts sayin […]

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