bandhunta izzy

Vibes – Bandhunta Izzy lyrics

Lyrics Vibes – Bandhunta Izzy Vibes lyrics Had ’em snorting lines in the trap Kat Stacks ho B*tch p*ssy poppin’ Eat it like a goblin Got on all black Ain’t no Batman and Robin If she ain’t suckin’ d*ck Then b*tch what’s your job thennn? Bad vibes forever – XXXTENTACION lyrics Lyrics Bad vibes forever […]

Boomin – Bandhunta Izzy ft. Key Glock lyrics

Lyrics Key Glock – Boomin – Bandhunta Izzy Young boss nigga and you know it I be running up a check like Nike I be rockin’ that Gucci mane, got me feeling like Wop Yeah nigga really so icy Got a chopstick in the glizzy Got a whole drum in the draco I don’t go to […]

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