Burglar alarm – Ballout lyrics

Lyrics Burglar alarm – Ballout Burglar alarm lyrics f my burglar alarm starts ringin’ It’s gon’ be alotta slow singin’, it’s gon’ be alotta flower bringin’ (Go) This a double R, I ain’t rentin’ (No) I’m ridin’ through the city with the stars (stars) You can’t see me ’cause it’s tinted (Vroom) Meds on me […]

No limit – Ballout feat. Chief Keef lyrics

Lyrics Chief Keef – No limit – Ballout I’m in a meeting right now tryna post a big deal At the car wash you know I’m gettin’ detailed Ima do 200, you better put on a seatbelt Red light, green light I’m doing a fish tail. (Ballout – No limit) She callin’ me poppa cause […]

Different – Ballout lyrics

Lyrics Different – Ballout I pull up in a supercharger His girlfriend got super top My wrist is an Audemar I shop in Paris not in a mall Ridin’ around with plenty clips You know we got plenty strips In the strip club getting plenty tips Pour a pint, pop a pill, pour out a fifth […]

Musty – Chief Keef feat. Lil Bibby lyrics

Lyrics Chief Keef – Musty KidWonder, you made this beat? Dang! (Let’s get it) A nigga b*tch with me getting real touchy Your b*tch wanna get real touchy(musty) A nigga b*tch with me getting real touchy That b*tch wanna get lovey-dovey They be like to do a lot of fussing But then they don’t do […]

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