Goodbye blue – Badbadnotgood lyrics

Lyrics Goodbye blue – Badbadnotgood Goodbye blue lyrics Tu es le bleu de ma vie I’m so colourblind Tu es le bleu dans ma vie Did I say it right (take the long way home) See I’m so out of touch But I’ve come around to see That its not enough To walk away (out […]

Lavender – Snoop Dogg feat. Badbadnotgood lyrics

Lyrics Snoop Dogg – Lavender My dawgs don’t bark, but they get off f*ck around and get your whole face bit off Sinister, spit truth like a minister So I until I’m a monster, when it’s the right time Night time, nigga tryna creep And keep from dyin’ in these motherf*ckin’ streets f*ck the police, […]

Drowning – Mick Jenkins feat. Badbadnotgood lyrics

Lyrics Mick Jenkins – Drowning We gon’ need some drugs for the situation. Shout out to my plug, its a lituation. Won’t we need the litigation. All we ask is ventilation. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.(drowning) When the real hold you down, you supposed to drown right? When […]

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