baby lyrics

Baby – Quality Control lyrics

Lyrics Baby – Quality Control Baby lyrics Yeah rest in peace to Bankroll‚ show ’em how to do it Baby goin’ crazy‚ he been gettin’ straight to it I done caught so many flights I end up fuckin’ all the stewardesses Catch me in Atlanta‚ no security with my jewelry Found all them rings my […]

Baby – Yogi feat. Maleek Berry lyrics

Lyrics Maleek Berry – Baby – Yogi Berry ‘pon this Lil mama you going to catch a case (catch a case) That thing you’re doing (with your waist) I’ma call the police on your behind swear I don’t lie See a trouble when your .. If you wake up you need doin’ time (doing time) For […]

Baby – Tory Lanez feat. Dj E Feezy lyrics

Lyrics Tory Lanez – Baby You know we had to do another one, right Heavier the DJ E Feezy It’s gon’ be your favourite song You know we gotta keep it smooth and sexy for my ladies Trust me, we got more on the way Promise me, want make this song Tory, talk to ’em.(baby) […]

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