baby girl

Baby girl – Bryce Vine lyrics

Lyrics Baby girl – Bryce Vine Baby girl lyrics We in New York we wylin’ It’s gettin’ hot this summer we ain’t outside Baby giiirl got style she a stylist Ready for the long haul ain’t no flight [Pre-Chorus] She just wanna dance dance for a while She just in a mood wanna groove wanna […]

Baby girl – Mario Bautista letra

Letra Baby girl – Mario Bautista Baby girl letra Es que con tu piel me envuelves Me envuelves como serpiente Veneno que no me mata Veneno que me hace fuerte Ay nena bésame, bésame, bésame, bésame Yo me erizo si me tocas, envenéname la boca Ay dale bésame, bésame, bésame, bésame Sabes que te tengo loca, […]

Dream doll – Kodak Black lyrics

Lyrics Kodak Black – Dream doll Aye, Khaos Bitch you wouldn’t believe bih I just woke up, ainna Just ’bout a few hours ago so you know I’m roamin’ around I did my thug dizzle Hopped in the spray I got out the spray, walked out the door and I seen my dream doll. Baby […]

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