Things fall apart – ayokay lyrics

Lyrics Things fall apart – ayokay Things fall apart lyrics The thinking bus know the way shit haunts Like you swore you’d never be the one to smoke down cigarettes But then it stached you when you obsessed You say you wanna change, but you don’t try You don’t wanna say what’s on your mind […]

Queen – ayokay feat. Quinn XCII lyrics

Lyrics Queen – ayokay Queen lyrics ‘Cause tonight you’re no queen But you still make it seem Why you always play the lead? You’re too fast, then you’re too slow And the next thing you know It’s no longer your show You’re always in my face No evading where you go Trying so hard to be […]

Sleepless nights – ayokay feat. Nightly lyrics

Lyrics Sleepless nights – ayokay Sleepless nights lyrics Midnight Driving till my eyes give up Headlights To your apartment This ride I done it ’bout a thousand times But it doesn’t feel right Here without you It takes me back to windows down in ocean air Sunset eyes through messy hair I miss chasing down the […]

Don t wanna be your friend – Ayokay feat. Katie lyrics

Lyrics Don t wanna be your friend – Ayokay Don t wanna be your friend Such long days and longer nights Visions running through my mind How’d it feel to be with you So much easier to hide Than to face what we might find There’d be so much less to lose ‘Cause the more […]

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