Sleepless in NYC – Autograf lyrics

Lyrics Autograf – Sleepless in NYC Could I stand by, while we watched it fall Fortunes are fading, do we hit the wall So stay right next to me ‘Cause your body’s all I need Maybe we’re not what we were before Strangers passing, all for starters now There’s nothing left to hold And […]

Simple – Autograf feat. Victoria Zaro lyrics

Lyrics Autograf – Simple Oh-oh, yeah it’s simple. (x2) “Hey,” that’s the first thing that I heard you say And it was all it took to make me stay Around and dream about you babe And I never second guessed that this was right There’s no need to impress this girl tonight I’m down for […]

You might be – Autograf feat. Lils lyrics

Lyrics Autograf – You might be There’s something in the air, there’s something on the wire There’s something in the way I’m seeing that keeps me satisfied You’ve got it in my head, stars up, you’ve got it in my eyes Somehow in the dark you found me that brought me to the light.(you might […]

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