High on me – Guy Sebastian lyrics

Lyrics Guy Sebastian – High on me Oh, you need to slow it down, get on my vibe We got some catching up to do, woah Whatever’s on your mind, leave it outside, ohhh yeah.(high on me) Come waste no time with me, nothing is all we need I swear the world will keep on […]

Don t come easy – Isaiah lyrics

Lyrics Isaiah – Don t come easy I can tell by your eyes you want more than this But can we be much more beyond these sheets? No I don’t, don’t wanna mess with your head But my love, it’s hard to love again.(don t come easy) It don t come easy and it don’t […]

Sound of silence – Dami Im eurovision 2016 Australia

Lyrics Dami Im – Sound of silence Grown tired and weary brown eyes. Trying to feel your love through face time. Symphonies of dreams and highlights. Caught up in this crazy fast life. But baby, you’re not here with me.(sound of silence) And I keep calling, calling. Keep calling ’cause. Now my heart awakes to […]

Tonight again – Guy Sebastian

Lyrics Guy Sebastian – Tonight again Oh, everyone’s got their problems There’s always something on your mind Oh, but tonight we ain’t gotta solve them For tonight let’s leave them all behind Oh, do what you what you what you want Do what you what you what you want Do what you what you what you […]

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