Favorite sound – Audien feat. Echosmith lyrics

Lyrics Favorite sound – Audien Favorite sound lyrics And I, I tend to be my own worst enemy And I, I linger on everything But I find when I’m alone, it gets so hard to breathe And I, I, and I Shouldn’t apologize for just existing Shouldn’t apologize for just being me Trying to hide […]

Rollercoaster – Audien ft. Liam O’Donnell lyrics

Lyrics Rollercoaster – Audien Rollercoaster lyrics I’m feeling stupid and careless and restless I’m feeling lonely and empty, sky fall to my spite But that’s alright, yeah, that’s okay ‘Cause that’s exactly who you are But that’s alright, yeah, that’s okay ‘Cause that’s exactly what I do I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride You’re the low […]

Hot water – Audien feat. 3Lau lyrics

Lyrics Audien – Hot  water I deserve it I know I hurt you with the truth I deserted .. No matter what we make it through I don’t mind perfect If I really needed.(hot water) Would you let me drown Reach your hand and pull me out. (x2) I’ve been drowning in hot water Yeah, […]

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